New Blog Who Dis?

New year, same me, new blog. Kind of.

For the past few years, I housed my content that I wrote for work and the content I wrote for fun all on one website. It worked for awhile, but then I realized that mixing lifestyle-type essays and political and economic analyses just didn’t mesh.

My goal with this site is to expand on the essays I enjoy writing about my travel, experiences, and the lessons I learn along the way. No worries –– you can still read what I write professionally on my updated, online portfolio.

You’re probably wondering why I picked the name that I did for this passion project. The Midwest is home, however, I spend a lot of time traveling. I start a new job next week that is based in our nation’s capital, so I’ll be going back and forth between Indianapolis and DC often. Hello, more frequent flyer miles!

As the “about” page says, I’m a practicing minimalist –– I attempt to keep my life as simple as possible. Meaning, my wardrobe, beauty routine, and home are low maintenance. I don’t have the time (or the desire) to continuously shop for the latest trend or Target knick-knack. In doing so, I’ve saved the time and money that allows me to do the things that I value: travel, spend time with family and friends, and volunteer.

It’s my hope that through my writing I can inspire others to simplify their lives, start their passion projects, or to just try something out of their comfort zone.